Part Editor 5.5.3

This has been bothering me for a while now.
Why is the part editor so different from N 5.1.1 to 5.5.3 ?
Look at the screenshots/links …same project file, same part , same track.
This track was manualy compiled from another track above in N5.5.3. than ‘create events to part’.
When opened in 5.5.3 it behaves like an unorganised…mess
When opened in 5.1.1 it behaves like normal.
This is not a problem when you have to deal with only one track, it get’s real difficult when
you have to re-arrange 4x16 tracks like this.

anyone care to test ?


Have you tried turning ‘Lanes’ off for that track?

Tried that ! Thx ! It actualy has nothing to do with lanes I think.
This track was manualy compiled from the track above.
Why are the parts all over the place in 5.5.3. and Ok in 5.1.1. when viewed in the part editor.

BTW Tried the same this morning with a fresh 5.5.3 session. on another DAW.
Compile a track manualy from stacked takes from the track above ,
(cut,ctrl-copy-drag with the selector tool) , than create events to part on the new track.
When this track is viewed in “lanes mode” all the events/regions are on lane 8 !

I use this events-to-part feature extensively for compiling already cleaned/edited vocal takes
for easy choosing/comparing between ‘final’ takes when clients are in. This worked great in 5.1.1.

Am I missing something here ?


It might still be to do with Lanes.

I’ve just added a new audio track and activated ‘Show Lanes’ for the new track.

Then I copied/pasted a part from the original track to the new track. The original track was comped from several earlier ‘takes’ and the part I copied was called ‘Take 10 (Bass)’ - when it was pasted to the new track, a series of lanes were automatically created and it was put on to Lane 10, another original part was placed on lane 8.

Turning of ‘Show Lanes’ then places all parts on a single line.

If ‘Show Lanes’ is not active from the start, all copied parts are placed on the same line on the new track.