Part Flow Issue

So I have multi-movement work (broken up into different flows). How do I fix the music from the first movement appearing under the first page of the second movement? It appears that the flow is starting a page late in the part even though it is fine in the score. I have attached photos of my layout page, my template, and how it is appearing.

I know I can force the flow title by putting a number in “{@flow2title@}” but that doesn’t take care of the issue of the first page of flow 1 appearing.

It looks like you defined new frames on your Default page template, and assigned a different frame chain, because I see the frame chain ‘MI’. Normally I’d expect ‘MA’ (the real ‘main’). What happens when you click on the frame chain indicator in the top left corner? I think you can select ‘MA’ there, which would link the Default pages to the same chain as the First, which I suspect still to be linked to ‘MA’.

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Thanks, that fixed it! I’ll keep this post in case anyone else ever makes this mistake.

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Absolutely! These sorts of threads are very helpful to keep up for the people who come later :slight_smile: