Part Layout Curiosity....

Just wondering why Dorico’s default layout for parts is “Full Score” and not the part layout. Also, when I manually change it to the Part layout, each stave retains the instrument name (as in the full score). Is anyone else seeing this behavior? I thought parts would automatically be assigned the parts layout, and that the parts layout would not include the instrument names on each stave. This seems to be different from when I first started using Dorico several months ago.

FYI - I am starting a project with no players, then adding them (not using a template).

It sounds like your default layout options are mucked up. I suggest you go to ~/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico (note the tilde at the start: paste this into Go > Go to Folder including the tilde to be sure you go to the right folder) and delete any files you find there whose names match layoutOptions_*.xml, then start a new project and you should find that everything works a little more sensibly again.