Part Markers?

I searched and found a lot of “part” and “marker” threads but did not find a conclusion to my question.

Is there a way to insert part markers for say Intro-Verse-Chorus-Brige-etc.? The only markers I have found so far are L(eft) and R(right) markers.

If not, please consider this within an update down the road.


hey Keebo,

unfortunately there are no additional markers available apart from left and right.
We have it on our request-list now.

kind regards

Thank you, Ludwig.

4 year update request.

Hi Danimal,

Thanks for your message.

Since its initial v1.0 release Cubasis has been updated with many features on a regular basis.
See our full version history right here:

The app is developed by a fairly small team and we do our best to fulfil feature requests that are manageable and meet with our customers. Apart from new features the app is maintained constantly to provide best possible performance on all supported devices.

Marker support is included on our feature list for future updates, however I am not able to give you a concrete date when the feature will make it into the version.


5 years on the request list, oh dear! I had to give up I’m now using other software on my ipad.