Partial beam length

Hey there!
Is there a way to change the length of partial beams? If there isn’t, is it planned for a future update?

Partial beam.png

No, there’s no way to adjust it at present. Do you find it too long or too short?

I’d like an engraving option for this too.
(For what it’s worth, I find it too long.)

Well, I personally find it too long, but anybody else could say the opposite.
I agree that an Engraving option (e.g. inside “Beams”) might be the solution. Is it actually difficult to add this?


I’ll need to check with the team about this. At the moment this value is one of the handful of beam-related values that cannot be edited (including beam thickness and gap between beam lines).

Oh, I understand. Are these part of the Bravura font set? (If so, they should be editable at some point as a workaround, isn’t it?)
Or are they fully generated inside Dorico?

No, they’re not part of Bravura: in common with all other beams they are drawn using filled rectangles fully drawn by Dorico.