Partial extractions

I am trying to find where in the manual I can find out how to extract a small part of the score to show here in the forum an issue I am dealing with in order to get some feedback.

Easiest way is to click on the downbeat in the measure after the issue, and type Shift-B, -1000, Enter to delete everything after it.

Then you can use the system track (Alt-T) to select and delete everything before the section.

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Make sure that you do the “surgery” on a copy of the file.


Good direction and advice, but is it in the manual somewhere?

I doubt it would be in the manual. It doesn’t really have anything to do with the forum even though they’re about the same thing.

It is in the forum guidelines (4th point):

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It’s not in the manual as a single set of steps, but all the Dorico-specific components that you might need, depending on the situation, are there – things like “save as” aren’t as that’s a fairly common operation shared across most software.

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Thank you all for your guidance. This will be helpful for me in the future when I find it necesary to post in the forum.