Partial measure rhythmic bars advice needed


in my score I have a violin and piano staff with notes and chord symbols. There are sections of the score where I need the piano staff to show rhythm bars with stems (to use it under the chord symbols) but if I select that option from the voice menu, the whole piano staff changes to rhythmic, overwriting the section where I have useful notes in the staff.
Is there a smart way to apply that rhythmic voice style to just a range of measures?
The workaround I found is to change the note heads, choosing the large slash heads, forcing the stem direction down, and mute the playback of those notes.
If there is a faster way, I accept advice.
Thanks Dorico family;)

A picture’s probably easiest, here:

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The picture you made is perfect and totally solve my question.
Thanks so much Pianoleo, have a good day

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