Partially Rewrite Automation

Hi there,

I have a question concerning the rewriting of an automation. I juse cubase 7 and have automated several parameters of my NI Reaktor plugin. I did this, using the snapshot function in reaktor. This means if I press on a snapshot (say I have first snapshot one and then click on snapshot 2) in reaktor, all parameters move to the position I defined in snapshot 2. Now this works fine with the automatin in cubase when I do it the first time. This means at the time point in my song where I changed the snapshot, the automation of all parameters changes and stays on this value for the rest part of the song.

Now I want to again change the parameters after a certain time back to snapshot one. And here is the problem: If I press on snapshot 1, the parameters jump on the values of snapshot 1 but immediately turn back to the parameters of snapshot 2. I beleive this happens because cubase is simultaneously reading the old automation, so that after my new changes are finshed, the automation goes immediately back to what I have first recorded.

Is there any possibility to tell cubase that the parameters should stay on the last value I told him during my last automation?

Thank you!

It depends on EXACTLY what the behavior is you’re looking for, but here are some things to try:

1.) Try using the “Autolatch” automation mode (Project Menu–> Automation panel, then select “AutoLatch” from the global automation settings). Although I’m not positive how this will work with your snapshots in reaktor, this will likely keep the snapshot you’ve set recording AS LONG AS THE TRANSPORT IS RUNNING for that automation pass. Once the transport stops, whatever automation was there previously BEYOND that point, will still be there and will not be overwritten.

2.) Try using the fill “To End” feature. (Open the automation panel, and click the “To End” button under the “fill” area once. To lock it on, click it twice). This will fill the entire automation lane from the point where you hit your snapshot during the automation pass all the way to the end of the project with whatever your last snapshot setting was during the automation pass. So, even if you stop the transport, the snapshot you selected last during the automation pass will be what is recorded in the automation lane(s) all the way to the end of the project.

If you still have problems, let me know. I have reaktor, and I can probably set up something simple to test it myself.

Hi again. I tried the autolatch function and it does exacty what I wanted. This is perfect for inserting a new automation into a already recorded automation and the purpose I posted.

Thank you very much!

Awesome. Glad to help.