Partitions and VST's

Hi, I’ve just upgraded from Vista to Win7. I have divided my hard drive in to partitions with C drive with approx 200Gb and D with 100Gb. Am I right in putting all of my library’s in ‘D’? I used EW stuff so there is a lot of sampled to store. Is that the best way? Alos, I notice in Windows explorer that I now have to ‘Program Files’ the ususaly one and a x 48 one. I upgraded from Cubase Studio 4 to 6 so I have to load Studio 4 before I load in 6. I loaded both the 64 bit versions but it seems all VST’s seem to go to the Studio 4 version and therefore can’t be seen in my VST’s in Version 6?

Ansy help please.




It’s fine to divide your harddisk into more partitions. But you won’t gain much, if any speed performance out of it. But for systematic reasons, more partitions is fine. I would make the sample partition bigger than the OS partition, as samples libs does fill up a whole lot of space, especially if you have or plan to get more samples expansions. But if you have lots of programs installed on your OS, then 200GB might be just fine.

Many people buy a second harddisk, and puts it on it’s own motherboard disk controller, and then use it for samples libraries, projects and such. And then use your first harddisk for the operating system. This will give you a little speed performance, and you then use two separate HD controllers. One for the OS, and the other for samples.

I don’t know about the x48 you mention, what it is. But if you upgraded a studio4 to studio6, then you should be able to start them directly with their own icon on your PC desktop. I think you should have two icons, one for v4 and another for v6, as both versions have their own profile & folders. That’s how it works with the full Cubase versions, that I use.

You need to setup a path to your plugins in Cubase studio 6. That’s why you can’t see them. Go into the plugin-information setup window, and click on the VST path tab. Check, if you have a path to where you save your VST 2.x plugins. If it’s missing, just enter it and save. Then, the next time you load Cubase, the VST 2.x plugins should be there :slight_smile:

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Hey there. Thanks for the response. I upgraded from Vista to Win 7. I think the ‘x48’ is linked to the 64 bit OS capability and the original is for the 32bit? you’re right about the Studio 4 to V 6 with the icons. I just deleted the S4 icon from my desktop and just run the full 6 version.

The plugin info set-up window sounds like the right way to go. I’ll give it a wurl.

Thanks again.


Thanks Steve. I hadn’t separated my Cubase/audio files from my C:/Os/programs etc before just my samples library but I think it makes perfect sense. I will need to up my HD space first I think but definitly looks like the right way to go.

Thanks for the info.