Parts and Score Weirdness

Hello All,

So I am doing an arrangement for a small ensemble plus chorus, and though in setup I have just a few players, it seems the parts are either not available or I’ve got a lot of parts that seem to have two separate parts combined into one. And the extra corker is that in Page View it only shows the top (flute) part.

Any ideas?

Can you attach the project?

or post a screengrab of your Setup page.

I’ve got weird stuff happening too all of a sudden, not sure if it started after working with 4.1.0. It started before I downloaded 4.1.1 this afternoon. Heading out the door and don’t have time to explain now, but it has to do with players and instrument showing in setup not showing up in play mode, despite all the normal checks for things that might cause this. Could be I’m overlooking something, but I saw your post and wanted any others experiencing such weirdness to chime in.

There’s very unlikely to be any new weirdness introduced in Dorico 4.3.10/11. It’s got a very limited set of changes over and above Dorico 4.3 targeted at fixing some specific issues. So I expect there to be a rational explanation for any problem you’re experiencing. As usual, attaching a project with some specific information is the way to get this resolved.

@dfelsenfeld, I suspect you may need to simply choose Setup > Create Default Part Layouts to get Dorico to create any missing part layouts.

Here’s a zip file of my setup project designed for me to set up the infrastructure for players and instruments according to my VST libraries.

The problem is that for some reason beyond my ability to figure out most all player groups are not showing the complete list of assigned instruments in Write or Play View despite them being shown in Setup and correctly assigned to corresponding custom layouts for each group.

The group “s Winds” shows correctly, but not “z Winds” or “z Brass,” for example, which show some instruments but not others. If I can’t see them in Play View I can’t make or correct any VST assignments, nor can I enter notes.

I have included tabs for each player group.

I’m wondering whether the file has become corrupt or I am just missing something, because I’ve done this sort of thing many times before and never had such problems. I have done a lot of reorganizing and editing of both players and instruments, so perhaps I have inadvertently caused the problem.

Thanks for your help.

** Edited to add **

I now suspect that moving instruments between players might have been the cause. I tried deleting players and re-entering players, instruments and custom layouts from scratch, this after applying the Silence playback template. If I tried as part of this re-entry to move instruments between players sometimes it would create the symptoms I described above.

I still would appreciate someone looking at my attached file in case they can see anything worth addressing. It remains true that I never had this sort of problem until the last couple of days. I’m not suggesting what version is causing this, as my use of Dorico was on complete hiatus for about three months due to a long distance move.

Dorico 4.3 VEP Setup - Current (2.6 MB)

The players that don’t appear are not assigned to the flow. For example, looking at your z Winds layout, if you select the Dorico 4.3 VEP Setup flow in the panel in Setup mode, you’ll see that e.g. the z Oboes player is not assigned to the flow

If you want to write music for a particular player and its instruments in a specific flow, you need to make sure the player is assigned to the flow.

Thanks, Daniel.

Funny, but when I looked at it (over and over) all were assigned to the one and only flow. That’s one of the first things I looked at. I understand that process, and everything I’ve re-entered over the last couple of days works the way I’m used to it working. So I cannot explain that.

I appreciate you looking into it and in my book it’s just an odd, one-off chapter that’s now closed. I have no doubt at this point the problem was not with any Dorico coding but something weird going on with this particular project or with my system’s handling of it. It never happened before, and I don’t expect it to happen again.

Again, thanks.