Parts layout workflow question

I’m making string parts for a a gig quartet and the parts need to be large and every chart needs to be two pages or less. My workflow has been to shrink the Space Size in the part until it fits, lock the systems, and then enlarge to make it readable at 4 ft.

Do you have a better method?

Welcome to the forum @Bradley_Hawkins – you could try reducing the minimum note spacing and minimum vertical spacing gaps, and then (if necessary) forcing all the music between two selected points into a frame (ie into the same page)?

In addition to what Lillie said…

  • Reduce Page Margins and possibly Frame Margins in Layout Options > Page Setup

  • Go to Engrave mode and edit the Page Templates to shrink the text boxes for Title, etc and increase the size of the Music frame.

Thanks, Lillie and Craig! I had forgotten about cmd/ctl for multi select. The Minimum vertical spacing is something I’ll have to fiddle with as I didn’t understand it as well before.

Thanks so much!

For a pretty great overview of how spacing works in Dorico, and how to use it to your advantage in different circumstances, give this video a watch:

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