Passing Fader/MIDI Controller through using Generic Remote

I want to pass MIDI controller 11 (and others, such as 20, 22, 23…) from an external controller through to my plugin. I don’t want to use the new MIDI remote feature because, near as I can figure out, I’m limited to only 8 parameters due to having to assign them to only 8 possible Quick Controls.

I’m trying to use Generic Remote. I have my controller set up fine in the upper table, but I’m having trouble figuring out how to assign said controller in the lower table. But I can’t figure out which combination of ‘Device’ and ‘Value/Action’ will allow me to just pass CC 11 through. (Channel/Category always = ‘Selected’)


That’s not true. You can pass as many parameters as you like.

For example, here is a page with 32 parameters per bank, that I’ve spread all over my midi keyboard’s controls. Took 1 minute to do.

32 parameter bank

Maybe you’d like to describe what you want to do in more detail, so that people can come up with some ideas?

This tells me you probably want to control an instrument. If your controller is already set up (as hardware) to transmit CC 11, 20, 22, 23 from specific faders on the hardware, the easiest thing to do (for me) would be to create a new MIDI remote page, with the faders set up correctly and all (CC11 coming in on channel 1 or 2 or whatever), and then… DO NOT make any assignments. Like this.

No assignments for MIDI Thru

I would suggest trying the MIDI remote. If you still think the Generic is a better option for your needs, just wait a bit and someone will come with advice.

That did the trick! Ha ha, in a way, the solution is to DO NOTHING! At least in terms of assigning controllers to actions – apparently in the absence of an assignment it just passes the message through.

Thank you. Obviously you took significant time to thoughtfully answer my question – with embedded videos, no less. I salute you.

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