Passing MIDI data to VST effects missing


I wanted to give some positive feedback first. We tested VST Live at the last band rehearsals.
With a few exceptions, everything worked very well.

The band members are currently using different plugin host programs on different computers and would like to consolidate everything onto one computer and one program.

Drums, bass and vocals use VST effects with static settings that sometimes change with song and song part. VST Live can do all this perfectly.

Guitar and keyboard also use MIDI footpedals and keyboard controllers to manipulate sound parameters while playing. In addition, MIDI automation files are used in some cases, e.g. to automate multiple parameter changes and swells.

Let’s continue with the keyboards: (-> VST Instruments in LAYERS)

With the concept of LAYERS and Shared VST Instruments, we were able to merge MIDI data from the keyboard, MIDI controller and MIDI automation file. The plug-ins used by the keyboardist internally support the mapping of CC data to parameters. Therefore, in this case, no external (VST host-based) parameter control is necessary.

And now the guitars: (VST Effects in STACKS)

I have the same requirements as our keyboard player. The only different:
I use VST Effects instead of VST Instruments.

Unfortunately, I can’t get MIDI data from my MIDI controllers and MIDI automation files routed to the VST Effects located in STACKS.

This means:
No wah wah or other effects that require MIDI controller.
No Vocoder or harmonizer effects that require the actual notes played in the song.
No parameter changes through MIDI automation files.

It seems that the VST effects embedded in STACKS cannot process MIDI data?

Do you see a possibility to change this with an update?

Yes, we are working on MIDI to fx plugs.