Passing on Partiturchanges to single voices

Hello , this maybe was asked before nut I couldn’t find the right post…

How can I Pass on Partiturchanges to single voices/Instruments. And not just musically like enharmonic or sth like that but mainly layout parameters like hiding first page, bar numbers…

Is there a function for that?

Thank you

At the bottom left corner of Layout Options there’s a Save As Default button and a Reset to Saved defaults button (assuming at some point you’ve overwritten the factory defaults). There are three sets of defaults: one each for Full Score layouts, Part layouts and Custom Score layouts. Your best bet is to set the correct Layout Options for one Part Layout, Apply, Save As Default, select all the other Part Layouts (either by shift-clicking the first and last or using the Select All button in the bottom right corner of the dialog), then Reset to Saved Defaults.

It’s possible to propagate all your score layout options to the parts by redefining the part layouts as scores, but you’ll probably then create extra work for yourself: by default parts use different master pages, show different staff labels, may use different paper sizes etc.

Many thanx as always… my problem with this is, that all my Doricomusic is based on XML imports from Logic. So I need to put these changes into the imported XML files… and as far as I remember I can’t import them “into” the default settings…

Once you’ve saved the defaults from one project, they’ll automatically be applied to new projects. If they’re not, for whatever reason, you’ve still got them stored as defaults so you can go to Layout Options and click Restore to Saved Defaults.

The other thing to be aware of is that you can open a project that contains all of your default settings, and then use File > Import > MusicXML to import the MusicXML into that project, rather than using File > Open, which will always start a new project.

Thank you both!

Unfortunately none of this offers really leads somewhere.

File > Import > MusicXML to import the MusicXML into that project , rather than using File > Open , which will always start a new project.

I tried that, but it doesn’t work. Please implement an easy way (like a general "global settings button that optionally could be turned on) for these kind of bar number changes etc…

It really tajes ages to do this all manually …

It really should work, because settings like whether bar numbers appear are defined in layout options. However, I have a feeling that perhaps it is a quirk of MusicXML import that the first bar number is explicitly shown in some cases, in which case the quickest way to get rid of it will be to select it and hit Delete.

Maybe, but there seem to be a difference between should and (my)reality here.
Some friends from the film high school in Munich fight with the same problems.
The XML Import problem that bar numbers etc are not shown and also, that there is no user-friendly way to pass global changes to single layouts.

It seems really unnecessarily complicated. When I try to customize the settings I can’t save it as standard.

However… really should be more intuitive and simple

You’ll need to provide more specific details of the problems you’re experiencing with propagating changes between layouts. What exactly are you trying to do?