Passive video card with 3 outputs? Nvidia GT 730 DDR3 64bit?

Hi guys,
I need to change my video card. Up to now I had 2 ASUS PCI-E EAH5450. Perfect setup for simple working with 4 monitors…But one of those stopped working so I’m planning to change both.

I’d like to have 5 monitors connected and I obviously need the cards to be passive…

Any advice? (using Win7)…

Thanx in advance.

Raz… Might the “video card” in the topic name give you a glue?

Sorry that I can’t help consearning the video card. I’m not up to date about those but am really interrested sbout answers…

Thanx Tumppi… :slight_smile:

Not the most subtle way. The question is clear so it’s not that that’s silly :slight_smile:

Your setup sounds very cool, 5 monitors, phew! May I ask how you use them? What do you put on them?
Sorry, I cannot recommend you a card either as I’m not in Windows territory. But we have a couple of knowledgable people
here. Probably away for the weekend.

Hi Chris, thanx for your answer.
In front of me I use 2 vertically organized 27", the first for project window and the second (touch screen) for the DTouch mixer (with audio, midi and inst channels). On the left there’s the third monitor for the second Mixer (with VCA, Groups, FX and OUTs). On the right the fourth with Reverbs and most used plugs (those to be always under control) and the CR Mixer.
The fifth has to replicate the first (with the project window) but in the recording room (which is adjacent, very close to the mixing room). I need it when I record myself…
Oh God…I hope I was clear… :smiley:

I think I got it :slight_smile: Thanks!

Do’nt know about a 5 monitor card, but we have a few GTX970’s in use and are very happy with these.
We are running 4 monitors with them.


Thanx Fredo, but gtx970 is not silent…and I would connect 5 monitors.

I was thinking about (two of) Nvidia GT 730 DDR3, 64-bit. (second column)

Any contraindication as far as you know?

Thanx in advance,


Hi Valerio,

The Palit GeForce GTX750 Kalmx is silent and has 3 ports: DVI x2 and HDMI 1.4 (no DP port and no HDMI-2 port).

The ASUS GeForce GTX950 OC also has 3 ports: DVI, HDMI-2 and a DP. It is ‘semi-fanless’ which means that it is silent until the temperature reaches 65 centigrade. I have recently installed one of these in my studio machine and have not heard the fan come on, not even after several hours work. If it has come on I have not heard it. My computer is normally silent (it sits under the desk) so I would have heard any new fan noise if it had come on or was not very quiet.

Both of these cards take up two slots each but with two of them you could run your 5 monitors.

Hope this helps,

Thank you Chris!
I will check them…but I’m a bit scared that probably 2 of these could not fit into my case…

None using GT730 with Nuendo?

If someone could be interested I finally decided for a SAPPHIRE NITRO+ RX470 card.
5 simultaneous outs in one card, extremely quiet.
Perfect with Nuendo 7.

Surrounded by monitors, not surround monitoring :mrgreen:

How do you do that?
As far as the information (that i’ve found) is correct the card has 3 display ports out and 1 Hdmi.
That makes 4 in total.


2 HDMI, 2 DVI, 1 Display Port

The card comes in 2 different configurations. The 8GB model has the 5 outs.

This is the card:
4GB version with 5 outputs!
Tested, working! :wink: