Passthrough of keyboard shortcuts from VSTi

Is there a way of allowing key commands to pass through the active VSTi window?

For example, if I’m using EZ Drummer 3 and have a looped selection playing in the Cubase project window, hitting Numpad 1 doesn’t work to move the playhead to the left locator. I have to change focus from the plugin window back to the project page for it to work.

I’m using Windows 11 and Cubase 13.0.30.

Shortly after typing this, I spotted the option in EZD to turn off the plugin keyboard shortcuts, and now NUMPAD 1 works as desired.

However, it would be useful to use shortcuts in both, so my question remains - is it possible?

It would be up to the plugin manufacturer to allow keyboard keystrokes to either be consumed or passed through. If Cubase would let all keystrokes to pass through it would lead to a complete mess. Imagine trying to type a name for a preset for example.

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Thanks and that’s a good point. I just seem to remember there being an option in Reaper that allowed it, so wondered if Cubase had similar.