Paste Articulations doesn't seem to respect preference to not link slurs

The subject says it all, really. I definitely have the preference off for linking dynamics and slurs when pasting, but when using Paste Articulations I’m finding that these slurs are automatically linked.

Mine seems to work fine here and I also tried turning on and off too.

Maybe I was insufficiently clear.
I’m talking specifically about using the dedicated Paste Articulations function, like so.

The slurs on bars 2 and 3 shouldn’t be linked, but they are. Granted, not to the slur I copied in bar 1, but to each other.

Wow, I didn’t know that slurs in bars next to each other could even be linked in the first place…

This looks like a bug, I’m afraid. It might be an issue with multi-paste rather than Paste Articulations per se - we’ll take a look.

What does it even mean for slurs in one staff to be linked?
I thought linking was vertical, and grouping was horizontal.
(And if they’re grouped, what does that mean?)

It means that if one is extended or contracted (to the previous or next note), the others also change.

[tries it out] Well, by golly, there’s a feature I never knew existed. (Thanks.)

It’s not intentional - linking is only supposed to be implemented for objects (slurs and dynamics) at the same position. We will try and fix this in a future release.


But I see how horizontal linking could be useful for repeating rhythms! So, to clarify: After you fix the unintended behavior, will it still be possible to manually horizontally-link slurs of the same duration (as I did today in my test)?

Not in the immediate future. Clearly some sort of horizontal linking could potentially be useful, but we would need to ensure that subsequent edits to the linked material would handle it correctly, and this isn’t the case at the moment.

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Thanks much for the info.