paste as graphic?

I use Dorico for all my work these days. There is only one situation where I am obliged to go back to Sibelius: when I need to copy a few bars of music and paste them as a musical example into a Word doc.

Are there plans to include this in the future? It’s very useful.


This has been discussed quite a bit recently, yes. Steinberg Forums

Along with some great ideas from users on how this might be implemented.

The other side of the problem is that Word has some bone-headed limitations on what graphics formats it can import. Only a cynic would imagine the purpose of this is to force you to generate your graphics in another application from Microsoft, if you want to produce professional-quality printed documents :wink:

Thanks Dan!

My workflow is to import a page into Illustrator, delete the very first node/object (seems to be some anchor for the top left corner of the page), and crop the artboard to its contents. It’s usually quite quick and easy, and you can export to your preferred format (or required format for your application). I suppose you can do the same with different vector-editing applications.