Paste Explode Problem [solved]

Dear Dorico team,

I encounter a strange behavior when I use the newer paste explode feature.

I have two voices in one system, imported via xml, and when I copy bar 1-4 from the 3rd system of the example file, select the bars 1-4 of the two top systems and when I then paste explode the content of the clipboard then some bars after the paste become empty, really empty. There is nothing in it.

I think this not OK :wink:

I attached a sample project, created with Dorico 2.2 on Windows 10.

For illustration see the following screenshots.

Many thanks and best regards,
Felix (774 KB)

This has discussed many times on this forum.

The explode fonction needs each voice to be set properly in the source system before exploding. Daniel Spreadbury explains this function has been made for explosing chords, not complete parts

I really hope for improvement in the furure to have a smarter explode fonction.

A workaround I often use is to set all notes in the same voice (select, edit / voices/ change voice / upstem voice 1) in the source system before exploding.

I’ve been

Hi Florent,

thanks for the hint.
I am not complaining, that it may not produce perfect results. The problem are the really empty bars. With empty I mean not even a rest is in it.

Thanks and regards, Felix


The last f-sharp in Flute and Flute 2 is set to “Ends voice” (in bottom panel).
Untick this for Flute before exploding or for Flute 2 after exploding and all will be fine.



many thanks. That’s the solution!