Paste/insert time in selected midi tracks?

I need to insert silence in one or more selected midi tracks at the cursor position, NOT across all tracks. Just spent an hour searching, not found. Thanks in advance for any help.

The Edit>Range>Insert Silence function works across all Tracks as it is Inserting Silence for the whole Project. However if you Lock Tracks prior to using the Function it will not change those Tracks. In the pic beliow both MIDI Parts started out the same size.

Thanks for the quick reply Raino. That solution makes sense for a small # of tracks but in my case I have a large # of tracks. So I tried selecting ALL tracks and then locking them all but after 1/2 hr did not have any luck even getting the group lock to work. Also then had several weird side effects, one was not being able to select more than a single track in the midi editor. Had to exit and revert to the previous save.

Gotta move ahead so for now I’ll just do a track-by-track time insert by manually copying all midi notes and moving them. Crude but it will work if I catch all the notes.

Thanks again for your quick reply.


You can select the midi parts you want to move:

Do Edit → Functions → Split at Cursor (Alt+X)

And then either add time at the top left by adjusting the values of the start position

or move the project cursor to the destination location where you want to move the parts to
and do Edit → Move → Event Starts to Cursor (Ctrl+L)

With the to keyboard shortcuts (Alt+X and Ctrl+L) it works really quick.


Brilliant, Friede! That is a really easy solution, thanks so much. After you pointed it out I said to myself “Why didn’t I think of that??” LOL Thanks again

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I know that feeling, there’s so many functions and possibilities it tends to be a little bit overwhelming at times :slight_smile: