paste large section as insertion

I would like to copy and paste a large section of my score, including all time signatures, repeats, etc. I selected everything using the system track, but when I paste it in the new location, it pastes the selection on top of the existing music. I would like to paste it as an insertion, is this possible? I tried it in insert mode but the same thing happened. This particular portion of music has a lot of time signature changes, almost every bar, so would really like to copy those somehow and avoid inputting them all one by one. Thanks.

Select the barline at which you need to paste, not the notes before or after it.

I tried selecting just the barline, and I’m still getting very messy results. It pastes over the existing music, and I get the time signatures from the copied selection mixed in with the time signatures from the section that is supposed to come after. Furthermore, the copied selection only contains 1 up stem voice, but the following section contains some down stem voices as well. After pasting, the down stem voices all remain where they were, but with the new pasted up stem voices on top.

I also tried adding new empty bars where I want to paste the section, filtering the time signatures and pasting them, and then copying the notes from each player one by one. It still displaces the notes that comes after without displacing the time signatures.

I know of the split flow function, but there isn’t a “merge flow” function is there? The combination of the 2 would solve this beautifully.

In Sibelius there’s the option to paste as insertion, or paste over existing music. In Dorico I’m getting some strange combination of the 2.

I was insufficiently clear. Sorry. I’m pretty sure that this is foolproof:
With Insert Mode turned OFF:

  1. Make System Track selection. Copy.
  2. Select the barline where you want to paste.
  3. If necessary, add the time signature for the music that currently appears at that barline.
  4. Add at least as many bars as you actually need, using Shift+B 16 (or whatever) Enter.
  5. Paste.
  6. Use the System Track to delete any extra bars.

That did it, thanks so much!

Thanks Leo, this was the thing I was looking for from the very start of Dorico and the main reason for not using the app. It still requires a lot more steps than in Sib, but at least this works without getting a complete mess.

This is true, except if you don’t go through pretty much the same steps in Sibelius (with multi-metered music) you’re quite likely to end up with a load of bars that don’t have the same number of beats as the previously printed time signature. It pays to check carefully :wink: