Paste non-tuplet-rhythm over existing tuplet


I know of the thread that discussed that if you want to copy a tuplet and paste it somewhere, you have to include the tuplet number in the selection. If you don’t include it, you will copy and past only the “raw” notes.

Now I’ve come across a problem within this topic, but the other way 'round:
I have some non-tuplet notes, and I want to copy and paste them at another location in order to overwrite what’s already there. Normally this works, but when there is already a tuplet at the target, then this triplet will not be canceled.

Please have a look at this image:

When you select the two notes in staff 1) and paste them into the position at 2), you end up getting 3).
I would have expected to get only two dotted notes, overwriting the whole tuplet with the dotted quarter.

No, my problem is: In the other thread Daniel explained that you have to select the tuplet number so Dorico can know what you want to copy (tuplet vs. raw notes). But here? How am I to select what’s not there, to tell Dorico to use the rhythm as-is and not use the tuplet rhythm of the target area?

Greetings from Austria! :slight_smile:

Can’t you just delete the tuplet before pasting?

Of course I can, but that’s not my point :wink:

In this case it’s quite obvious because copy-and-pasting only 2 notes is an easy example. The bigger issue is that when I paste something somewhere I expect the things that are already there to be overwritten.
If I copy 20 bars and paste them somewhere else, I don’t want to make sure there are no tuplets there anywhere around that could mess up things.

This is intentional behaviour, as a kind of stop-gap measure towards the “tupletify” command that many of our users are waiting for. We probably should have an option in the Note Input Options dialog or elsewhere to control this behaviour. I will make a note of it.

That would be great. Thanks, Daniel!