Paste one track to multiple tracks

How do you copy one track and paste it to multiple tracks at once?
In continuation of this, how do you copy cc data in one midi track and paste it to multiple midi tracks in one instance, without having to do it individually for each track

You mean: insert plugins/sends, the events on the tracks, or everything?
You could simply duplicate the track by using a key command i.e.

Other than that you can alt+mousedrag events to copy/move them to a new track.

Thanks TJ99
I want to copy everything in one midi track, select 20 other tracks and paste the first track to the other tracks, without selecting each new track and then paste. This is very time consuming!

Even better would be to copy f.ex. a lane (with cc data) in one midi track and paste it to the same lane in 20 other midi tracks, without selecting each track.

I have seach the forum and the net, but cant find a solution, not even using logic editor etc…

This seems so simple, so I guess I got something wrong!