Paste special shortcut

Hi all,

I am working on updating my keyboard shortcuts.
In the default shortcut set there is a shortcut to “Paste Special…” set to ctrl+shift+v.
What does it do? When I try it nothing happens.

Well spotted! :slight_smile: It does nothing at all. We implemented a placeholder “paste special” command way back before Dorico 1.0 was released, but it doesn’t do anything, and it shouldn’t have a default shortcut. I’ll make sure it gets hidden, as it probably always should have been, and remove the default key command.


This is frequently called “paste and match style” in other programs and it’s something that I use frequently. It’s very useful being able to copy text from somewhere and plop it into another program but have it match the formatting of the destination document.


I eventually decided on

ctrl+shift+v = explode
ctrl+shift+alt = reduce
ctrl+alt+v = paste into voice

…alongside with the “normal” ctrl+v.
A tricky process this, to find logical and easy to remember solutions for key bindings.