Paste Time at Origin not working as expected

Hi all,

i was trying to set up a macro for simply repeating/duplicating everything in the arrangement inside a range selection by inserting time (so everything from the left locator on will be moved to the right by the range selection length).

“Range > Global Copy” >> “Range > Paste Time at Origin”

However, this inserts the copied range at the locator position, instead of at its original position. I can’t see a difference between “Paste Time at Origin” and regular “Paste Time”… Is this a bug or am i doing something wrong?

In the meantime, i added a command for moving the transport to the left locator before pasting, but that’s not exactly what i want.

Origin means the original position of a selected event, (though in this context I don’t know how that might work) Use “Locate Selection End” instead to place the cursor at the end of the selection, then do your paste.

Thanks, it will probably work either way (locating selection end or start before inserting), because the newly inserted (pasted) range and the (copy) source range are basically the same. Technically, it’s a matter of inserting before or after the original range, but as i said, i think it makes no practical difference.

My point is that it doesn’t seem to make a difference wheter i choose “Paste Time at Origin” or just “Paste Time” and that can not be correct.
When i have the project cursor at the very beginning of the song (, copy a range between and (Range > Global Copy) and then paste the copied range (Range > Paste Time…), both commands will paste the new parts at the project cursor position ( My understanding is that one of them should paste them at (origin left locator).

Well, it is working on my system according to how it’s described in the manual…

I created a macro

Paste Time at Origin

and invoked it with the range selection tool selecting a few bars.

The result was the selection was inserted at the beginning of the selection, and everything to right right moved by the length of the selection.

I wonder if we are talking about the exact same behaviour.
When i select an area with the selection tool, then “(regular) Copy > Paste Time at Origin”, it works as you describe, but it’s only taking into account what’s explicitly selected. So you have to draw the selection across absolutely every track, if you really wanna include everything. Don’t know how that works with hidden tracks and it doesn’t seem to work when you have split the arrangement area (can’t remember the correct name of that function).

What i want to do is:
Define a timespan (dunno if Range selection tool or locators are the way to go) and have Cubase repeat that timespan exactly and including absolutely everything (across all existing tracks).
Just as if i defined a section of my song in the arrangement track and told Cubase to play that whole section two times.

In Logic, it works by setting left and right locators (cycle area) and then there’s a button which does exactly that based on what’s inside the cycle area.
In Ableton Live, it works by defining a selection (comparable to how the Range Selection tool in Cubase works) and then there’s a command “Duplicate Time”. It doesn’t matter what you selected vertically, everything across all tracks will be duplicated based on the duration of your selection.


In Cubase, with the range tool selected, you could set the locators, then:
Select In Loop
Paste Time at Origin

here’s the macro i’m using for this, much like the one posted above, but incl. some extra foolprofing steps:

edit - select none
tool - range tool
edit - select in loop
edit - copy
transport - locate selection
edit - paste time

(btw. as for your request to have this incorporate tracks in the split arrange - AFAIK there is no way to do this. you have to have clicked in either part of the split arrange first to activate the macro for working there, separately. kind of a bummer. you have to temporarily disable the split arrange before executing the macro if you want everything included. not very well thought out.)

Maybe the split arrange feature will go away, and be replaced by some kind of pin-to-top functionality. I stopped using it long ago due to the inconsistencies that exist in regard to selecting and navigating around it, and, between the two sections.

yes, that would make sense. because as it is now, it mostly definitely does not. a marker or a video track is a number one candidate to have in the top part of a split arrange. it then makes zero sense to insert or delete time in your project and not have your markers follow.

I tested both of your methods.
Both of them kinda do the trick but none of them includes split window content and i haven’t tested the behaviour with hidden tracks.

I came up with something that doesn’t rely on the Range Selection tool and seems to include really everything (also split window content), probably because it doesn’t use any Range Selection Tool functionality. It also works completely based on your locators (cycle range), so it doesn’t matter where your transport is located when executing the macro:

  1. Transport – To Left Locator
  2. Edit – Global Copy
  3. Transport – To Right Locator
  4. Edit – Paste Time
  5. Transport – To Left Locator

Maybe you could leave out one or two transport locating steps, but i experienced inconsistency in where the content gets pasted (that’s why i wanted to use “Paste Time at Origin”, initially).

Btw: What are other inconsistencies with the split window? I’m using it do get Group, FX and In/Out tracks out of the way but still have them nearby. Kinda like it so far. But I’m new to Cubase so i haven’t used it longer, yet.

btw. another obstacle you may run into later is, with larger projects, the ‘global copy’ command itself may take up some time and cubendo is notorious for firing a following command preliminary. so you need to insert some harmless dummy commands into the macro. not sure if this has been fixed on c8, but on c7.5 this is sometimes the case.

Ah, thanks for the hint! I’m pretty sure that will save me some time and frustration in the near future :wink:

I think i have to correct my complaint about the split window content: It’s actually great that it isn’t affected by copy/paste time commands invoked on the main track area. I use it to store remix stems and they stay in intact no matter what i do with the main tracks. And since the 8.5 update, it is also great for managing group, fx- and alike tracks. When i wanna introduce automation to a track in the split window, i can move it to the main track area and my automation will stay in context when using copy/paste time.

Hi guys, I am a total newbie…so basically I want to duplicate a small rythm I have made but when I go to duplicate then set the number it duplicates, but each duplicate has a gap. I try dragging ect but nothing I do works. Just need a step by step answer so I can get it done… doing my head in. Thanks