Pasting a phrase with proportionally different rhythm values

Musescore has a useful feature where you can copy and paste a phrase at half or double the duration, so turning an eighth note phrase into a sixteenth note or quarter note phrase etc. Does Dorico have anything similar?

And is it possibly to go further, e.g. pasting an eighth note phrase as an eighth note triplet phrase, so each previous eighth note is now the eighth note of a triplet?

Changing the duration of notes :

  • To double the length of notes, press Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-Alt/Opt-Right Arrow.
  • To halve the length of notes, press Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-Alt/Opt-Left Arrow.

For this to work make sure you are in Insert mode. If you are not in insert mode halving the length of the notes will introduces rests and doubling the length will overwrite notes.

You can also turn notes into tuplets of any ratio. Similar to the above, whether or not Insert mode is active will have an impact on the results.

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Ah thank you, it was the insert mode I was missing, as I had managed to half the durations while introducing rests. :slight_smile: