Pasting before the cursor

for some reason my nuendo 11 is acting up… i am trying to move events to other tracks by copy+pasting, but when i hit “paste”, the event is pasted starting somewhere on the left of the cursor. any idea what might fix this bug?

I had that happen last week. I tried resetting the sync point to the top of the file but no joy. I started a new project and imported my tracks to the new project and it stopped. Six days of working 10 hours a day doing sound design and mix following that I did not have a repeat of the issue. Now I am thinking this is a random bug, but so far so good for me.

thank you so much for your response. unfortunately, i gave that a try, and it’s still happening… not sure why it is, but i appreciate your help!

Did you update to 11.01? It may have fixed the issue. It wasn’t listed as a particular fix but it could be in the “general updates and fixes” that were done.

i think it’s fixed now! thanks so much! :smiley:

That’s great news! :+1: