Pasting dynamics 'f cresc' results in duplicate dynamic

Copy-Paste of dynamic+paramter (i.e. “f cresc”) ends up with duplicate dynamic as result.

Target measure is selected to highlight desired location; final dynamic should be same as staff above:

  1. Select dynamics in staff above; these are apparently automatically grouped dynamics because they were entered with a single popup “f cresc”.
    a. Selecting just ‘f’ ends up with bad result, since only ‘f’ is pasted, even though these are grouped dynamics.
    b. Selecting just ‘cresc’ ends up with bad result, since duplicate ‘cresc’ is pasted and the result is then ‘cresc cresc’ (which makes no sense).
    c. Instead, selecting both ‘f cresc’ (click, cmd-click) is shown here, then Copy:

  2. Select destination measure (the staff immediately below), then Paste; note there are duplicate 'f’s now.

If instead of the above, just the single note in the measure is selected, then the result will be as expected, ‘f cresc’ over the measure. Apparently only pasting the linked item to the one note.

In general, these Gradual Dynamics cause many various types of hiccups like this. (Hairpins as well.)

I don’t seem to be able to reproduce a problem pasting those grouped items to another staff, even with an “ff” in the next bar.

What if you do “Duplicate to Staff Below”? Or Alt-click? Those are my usual methods.

And of course you can select notes on both staves, and then enter the Dynamics popover.

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What seems to happen in my screenshot is the entire group dynamic is pasted twice, which is visually drawn over-top of itself, so it seems like there is an extra f, but in fact there are two group dynamics ‘f cresc f cresc’ drawn over top each other (but for some reason Dorico makes them look like ‘f f cresc cresc’).

I believe the various copy-paste behaviors might be related to the original dynamic ‘f cresc’ which was entered over a whole note (ie, whole bar dynamic region yet is attached to one note), then copied to a staff which had two half notes (thus becomes a… indeterminate(?) length region attached to one half note) then as I copied that dynamic to another staff, this is the odd result.

In general, these grouped Dynamic + Gradual Dynamic cause various troubles.

The historical engraving itself is ambiguous in dynamic attachment point and length. The typesetting may be interpreted as cresc over the half note, but doesnt make sense compared to cresc over whole bar: