Pasting frequency values (WL 12.0.20) - bug or feature?

Hi! How do you paste frequency values?

In the WaveLab 12.0.20 (and maybe earlier versions, I didn’t try) I cannot quickly paste frequency value into value fields of Signal Generator.

After many mouse clicks trying to change blue selection to white blinking cursor I can paste something, but… If cursor is on a position right before decimal delimiter and I have 1234 in a clipboard, after pasting it becomes 1.234 Hz (1 Hz and 234 thousandths).

So I should place cursor right in fourth position to the left from decimal delimiter.

I think if I paste something, it shouldn’t be changed because of position of cursor. It’s text input, not chess board. So also Select All (Ctrl+A) should work as in text input, not selecting all wave file and loosing selection that made before.

I would say anything else is working perfectly - if I have a value 1318,5102 (see the decimal delimiter is comma), WL correctly enters 1318.510 (it changes delimiter correctly and cut unwanted part of value).

BUT NO!?!?! WL doesn’t take in count the delimiter at all. So if I place white blinking cursor in a fifth position before delimiter and paste value 1318,5102, I will have 13185.102 Hz and it’s 13 kHz, not 1,3 kHz that was in clipboard.

I remember such situation was some ~30 years back on very first stream tracker sequencers for PC. So if such oldschool feature is in WL on purpose, then it’s okay. I need to get used to it.

Huh, this is in short for Friday! :slight_smile: Happy weekend!

Standard copy/paste does not work for these numeric fields (yes, this is a bit stupid), but you can right click and access this menu:


It doesn’t work.

I have a list of frequencies in text file. I work on analytics. I select and copy frequency 1318,510 in that file and then right click in WL input field - it allows only Copy. The Paste command is disabled. The Paste command is enabled only after something placed in clipboard from within WL. It’s not serious if it’s not a bug.

But tell me how to copy values from outside of WL into these input fields of WL? It’s the simpliest thing “through the centuries” - operate with clipboard. This feature was complicated only in DOS era, but Windows/Mac rised up quickly because of one of super features - clipboard - that is usable between many programs.

From where in the WL I can take frequency value to use in Signal Generator? Just a question to know why there is unique Copy/Paste that isn’t system Copy/Paste.

Right. You need to enter manually the 1st value. Then use the menu “Copy” and “Paste” for the other fields that need the same value. Yes, I know, this is not ideal.

Okay, thankfully this is not often needed. Will not try to paste from outside of WL. I won’t make a feature request because of rare need. Everything else for me is working perfectly :slight_smile:
Thank you for your time.

I have decided to address the longstanding issue with copy/paste in numeric edit fields. This will be resolved in WaveLab 12.0.30. For instance, you will be able to copy “1318,510” in a text file and paste it to the WaveLab edit fields.


Brilliant! :slight_smile:
Thank you very much!

THIS is why I love WaveLab! :smile: :heart_eyes:

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