Pasting Notes/ Changing notes within a slur

I used to be a Sibelius user, so maybe I am biased.
I am used to being able to paste any material to any place within the duration I can.
But Since Dorico Does not let me break up rest that isn’t ‘correct’ I can’t paste it in a place I want to.
The workaround for me was to either:
1.) Enter note input mode-> Add a dud note->Paste in the note->and then delete the dud note.
2.) Paste in note close to it as possible->adjust the grid size->use alt+arrow key to move it.
These options to me just fill very cumbersomely and slow.
Whereas in Sibelius, I can click the note, change the rest duration, and paste in the note, which helps me stay in the flow of the composition.
Is there a way to suspend the correct note duration for the specific layouts? So I can have a composition Layout, where the notation/engraving rules are less enforce, but I can switch tabs when the piece is more polished?

Another issue I am having is that I cannot change the duration of just a single note in a tied note.
For Example, let’s say that I have 4 whole notes and 1 half note tied together.
To make that last half note into a Dotted half note, I cant just simply change the duration of the half note to dotted half notes, I have to cut up all the slur, change the duration of the half note to a dotted half note, and tie them back together.

This happens to me quite frequently and it really slows down my workflow.
Is there a way that I don’t know that’s faster and more efficient?

Thanks for reading!!

For the pasting issue, get into note input mode, type the value of the rest (e.g. five period for a dotted eighth) then type Space. Then paste.

For the tie chain issue, use Shift-Alt-Left/Right Arrows to shorten or lengthen notes by the rhythmic grid.

is there a way to make it snap to the next note when you use the ctrl Alt-left right?

No, but there are separate commands at Write > Edit Duration for Extending to Next Note, Extending to End of Selection and Shortening to Next Note. It’s well worth assigning key commands to these (at Preferences > Key Commands).

(And d’oh - I mistyped earlier. It’s Shift-Alt-Left/Right)

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