Pasting parts inside the Audio Track

Hi! I used to have Cubase 9 Pro and then upgraded to 9.5

Really like the upgrade, but I guess some things where changed around so now I hacve to relocate, etc stuff and makes the workflow slower again. Lol!

Anyway, my problem is that when I’m now editing an audio sound file Cubase adds the bit I’m pasting instead of replacing it…? Youk now, it’s like you recorded a guitar that is mostly okay but some parts need to be replaced, so you find Another Place in that audio and copy it to replace the “dodgy bit”. Used to work like a charm Before but now instead of replacing it adds and so it makes the audio “file longer”… I can’t have that…

What button do I press, lol? Seriously, I need help with this if any1 know what Cubase function need to be altered?

//Best regards from, Robin


Could you describe your step-by-step repro, please?