Patch list file for Korg TR-Rack?

Hi all,

I have recently got a Korg TR-Rack and need a Cubase patch list file to add it as an external MIDI device. Is there any available?. I can control it with the Trinity one but of course patches names are different and probably there are other differences I have not yet found.



If it works with the ‘Trinity’ file the best thing is to do is to edit this one so it displays your patch names. Open below file, edit the patch names and save it as TR-Racks.txt.

c:\Users%username%\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase ‘version’\Scripts\Patchnames\inactive\korg\korg trinity.txt

I used to have tr-rack with patch script , it’s online somewhere

Trinity banks and tr-rack are different, Trinity only has A and B, or extra S on plus and v3 models tr-rack has 4 banks A-D

I will continue looking but so far have been unable to locate it :unamused:

I might have it on my other computer , I’ll check , if I don’t reply about it remind me

Hi Jose. I created this one from scratch, it’s pretty complete as it also includes all the Combi programs. You can download it here:

¡Muchas gracias!

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I will try this file in few minutes, many thanks!!!


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Well, maybe not exactly neighbours, but indeed we live very close :slight_smile: . And I’ve been a teacher at the UV for some years now (Ingeniería Multimedia, Comunicación Audiovisual), so who knows…

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Hello. Can you help me with the Korg TR Rack update file?
I have one, but I need to reinstall the module with my computer.
If you have please send this preload DATA file. X622vup.exe
Thank you.