Patch names for Fantom G7

In the studio we just got the Roland Fantom G7. We configured it in cubase 5 and installed the patch script from Roland.
We create a new instrument track in cubase and we are able to see the midi notes as we record. but when we try to press the program change button the Fatom patch names dont show. there are only numbers and the sounds dont change.
We Just want to use the Fantom as a sound module and Cubase for the sequencing. Can anyone help or should we have got the Motif.

if you have installed the xml or txt file properly then you should have a choice of connections on your I/O in the inspector , once you have chosen the right input and output for the channel then you will have a dropdown list in the programs change list which will allow you to change your sounds if the fantom is setup to receive program changes , any use for you ?

thanks for the reply. I verified that patches are installed correctly and inputs and outputs are configured correctly.
I am able to record the sounds and play them back. I have only connected usb speakers to to pc I have not ran the midi thru the board (Tascam DM - 4800) yet but i am able to hear what i played through the speakers and change the patches… I am almost there thanks for your insight. your time is appreciated.

Fantom G7
Tascam DM 4800
I5 Quad
Windows 7 64bit
AMD Phenom II
Windows 7 64 bit