Patch not remembered for Universal Sound Module in C8.5.20

BUG REPORT (please move)


Cubase 8.5 32-bit is not remembering the patch I’ve selected for Universal Sound Module VST. I will save a file with a USM instrument track set to e.g. Tubular Bells, and when I reopen the project the patch is reset to Grand Piano. This was working in Cubase Studio 5 32-bit. Now most of my old projects are broken in Cubase 8.5. I installed a patch for 8.5 that came out at the end of June, but the problem persists.

Steps to replicate:

  1. Download the files for USM from Steinberg’s ftp site, and put them in your default VSTPlugins folder.
  2. Create a project with a MIDI track.
  3. Load a USM in the instrument bay, and select it as the instrument on the MIDI track.
  4. Set the patch on the track to something other than piano (e.g. Jazz Guitar)
  5. Save and close the project.
  6. Reopen the project. The MIDI track’s selected patch is now Grand Piano (or another piano if it’s the 2nd or 3rd midi track using this one instance of the USM)

Other have discussed similar problems here, but it is not a bug report:

I am running Windows 10 on a Dell Vostro laptop.

P.S. The next time my post gets shunted to Miscellaneous, could you kindly mention briefly which of the rules I missed?

Hi jcairney,

Universal Sound Module is a Legacy product and therefore we have no plans to make this Plug In compatible with Cubase Pro 8.5.