Patch Script for Roland Fantom X?

I have a Roland Fantom X6 keyboard, it’s old but it’s got some good sounds. I would like to be able to have the patch names available in Cubase 9. I downloaded the patch list file from Roland and tried to import it, but it didn’t work. It looks like the XML tags may not be correct.
Two questions:
Does anyone have a patch list file that will work with 9?
Does anyone know what has changed since Roland published their initial files?
Ok three:
Does anyone know the correct syntax for the XML files?
I’m pretty good with shell and vim so it would be relatively easy to fix the original files if I have to go that route.
P.S. It looks like might have working scripts but all the links are broken there. Does anyone have a copy of the download?

I think it’s a bug right now… patch is forthcoming, i hear… I can confirm I can’t load any of my old keyboard sounds either.

Here is a relatively carefully curated patch script for Fantom X v2 (I bank) with SRX-1, SRX-3, and SRX-7.
The original file came from:

Here are what my personal XR banks have evolved into. Should be really close if not identical to the X.

Sorry I have NOT tried them in Version 9 yet, but if you’d like to try it…

These are for an XR, but they should be pretty close for any Fantom X derivative. The bank formats are certainly valid for all the X series…just rename any patches if that is required:

I use a separate profile for each SRX card that’s in my XR Unit.

I also have built what I call a ‘mode’ profile which, when a track is set to channel 10, allows me to choose a ‘performance patch’, and easily automate punching between ‘performance or patch mode’ and punching in and out of GM or GM2 mode via the device panel.

I’ve also modified the GM2 subset a bit so it will call up the proper patch even if the Fantom is NOT in GM or GM2 mode.

As for how I set it up in Cubase:
I assign each pair of the Fantom’s audio outputs as an ‘external instrument’ in the “VST Connections” tab (tap F4 to get at this), but I do not assign them to a specific MIDI device. If you prefer you can set them up as MONO channels. Note: I do NOT assign a MIDI port here because I use multiple synth profiles for the same XR Unit. Also note, if you prefer, you can build all of the Fantom audio outputs into the same VST Connection…for me it’s just simpler to treat each stereo pair as a separate instrument on the mixing console since I don’t always have everything hooked up in a four or six output fashion.

Once I’ve set them up, I can assign them as ‘rack instruments’ in the Instrument Rack (so their audio inputs show up on the Mixing Console). From there, all I need do is create MIDI tracks and choose the Fantom profile I want it to use (or bypass a profile and choose the RAW Fantom X MIDI output if I want to manually punch in bank and program info), and set the proper MIDI channel and patch I want. My general layout for the Fantom looks something like this:

Just curious if you had issues with plug n play with the x6. I just hooked mine up and nothing through midi or usb. So I’m trying to figure if it is a Windows 10 thing or not.

You’ll need drivers for a Roland Fantom X since it does not use generic USB\MIDI.
If you’re on any version of windows later than 8, they’ll need to be hacked a bit to get them to ‘install’.