Patchlist for Yamaha MU100R sound module?

Does anyone out there have a patchlist for Yamaha MU100R XG sound module, in Cubase 8 format? The device isn’t included in Cubase’s built-in list.

I have the MU90R XG, and may have that one. Do you think that would work for you?

Thanks. It would be a huge help! I could then edit it to add the extra MU100R sounds.

Ok Mike - give me a day or two, and I should have that for you.

That would be much appreciated. Many thanks

Sorry Mike - it turns out all I have is the .ins file from Sonar. Cubase is looking for .xml instead.

But under User>Appdata>Steinberg>Scripts there seems to be some xg files there.

But for me they’re not showing up in Cubase 8 [nor 7.5 for some reason] when I have those instruments on MIDI tracks. I can send Program Change messages, but the names don’t show up.

Cubase Pro 8 comes with Halion Sonic SE 2, which has all of the sounds from the first Yamaha Motif, along with some sounds from the Motif ES, XS and XF, and lots of MU style sounds in the GM bank. It sounds better than any MU series module, so you should probably use that unless you really need XG compatibility.

look at here

and search Mu 100

Hey thanks, S-Man.