Pattern Editor Question

In the pattern editor there are controller lanes. The default is velocity but there is a dropdown menu where you can select cc 1 modulation.

How would one go about assigning the modulation automation here to control filter cutoff for example. I have tried midi learning filter cutoff knob in the instrument filter tab to cc 1 but after this it does not read the cc 1 automation in the pattern editor.

I would love to be able to get this feature working!


I have the same problem, after recording pitch bend data into a 4 bar-pattern, I see the Pitchbend data in the controller lane but the playback is not reflecting that.I have tried for an hour to get this straight but there is no way to achieve this, so it could be a bug.

I learned today, that this is by design, it is simply not possible to receive Midi data internally from the GA4 sequencer. So although the controller data shows in the controller lanes, it can not be received by GA4 itself, which can only receive external controller data. Bummer, but that’s how it is…

Oh no, I can’t believe that :frowning:

I just bought this plugin in the sale and already I am regretting it - my stupid fault I suppose.

If you cannot use the pattern editor to send midi cc internally, then why does it exist? What benefit or use does it have? I read the manual before purchase and nowhere does it state that the controller lane cannot be used to control the plugin parameters for midi learn.

Controller lanes in the built in pattern editor that can’t be used to control midi CC in the plugin? That is absolutely ridiculous. I’ve just tried recording the CC data and it isn’t even sent out for midi record. So it is a totally redundant feature.

If this really is by design, it is obviously wrong and needs to be corrected.

Dear Steinberg, please could you answer about this? It is an important feature to have and yet isn’t working.

Even if its not possible for some reason via MIDI it would be nice to have automation for each pad available in the pattern editor for a few basic things like filter cutoff, pitch, etc… Right now velocity is the only parameter that actually has a function

Seems like a basic function any drum machine with a pattern sequencer to be able to sequence pitch or the filter

Starting to think about going back to Maschine :frowning: