Patterns like FL Studio

Please Please Please could you add pattern based composing like E-Magic Notator / FL studio etc.

I have moved to FL studio to compose as it is so much more creative (imo) but really miss Cubase for literally everything else. If you could use beat designer where each lane can be a different instrument and limit the view to just the loop you are working on (rather than the timeline/linear main page) that would be truly great. Also please ‘borrow’ the FL studio ability to click on a lane in beat designer and have quick links to envelopes/pitch/volume etc etc.


Maybe you should use both with Rewire?

Using Fl in Cubase thru rewire is headache. It best to have this kind of workflow in cubase

Rewire`d FL is a pain. It would be great if Cubase has some workflows from FL. Patterns, automation clips, Slide note - features that i miss since crossgraded from FL to Cubase

Yeah rewire can be clunky…

I’ve come up with a work around of sorts using a macro though…

Set up the macro as follows :

(I use ‘P’ for pattern) -

Transport - Locators to selection
Zoom - Zoom to locators
Channel & Track visibility - Agents : Show Channels/ Tracks with Data between the Locators

Now if you use the arranger track to mark out your sections you can click an arranger event on the timeline, press ‘P’ and that section will zoom full screen and show only what is being played (set up another command to ‘show all tracks’ and you can toggle between them.

Not ideal but I find this helps. Any ideas on improvements to this most welcome !

I’ve just seen that studio one does something similar but you can actually move sections around from the arranger track…that is sick.


In fact Shared copies for me personally is became 100% what i wanted from FL patterns. Idea that you make copies of event that all linked together, so if you make changes in 1 shared event the same changes goes to all other shared events. Like FL patterns do.

To make shared copy press shift+cntrl and drag n drop event