Pauls extreme stretch style sampler/plugin

This is pauls extreme stretch software in action .It time stretches audio to extreme levels.Im sure most people know it.Its great for ambient soundscapes and sound design etc.Problem is it only works outside of a daw environment,so it can be tedious to jump back and forth between cubase and that,guessing if something is going to stretch how you would hope.Is it possible to get a sampler in cubase that could do something very similar(the time stretching on cubase doesnt sound very ambient as its trying to preserve the audio i guess) or even a plugin?Or to make it real simple is there anyway of integrating pauls extreme stretch into cubase as its a free piece of software?Same way the voxengo eq comes bundled with cubase?Just a thought.Would be great if this were possible.Cheers

Agreed. Many people use this tool.