Pauses, specifically breathmarktick

I wondered why the breath mark tick on the 4th stave is in a different position? I entered it the same way as the other 3.
Screenshot 2020-08-24 at 17.58.47.png

Select it and look at where the attachment line is attached. Then check against the attachment line for one of the others. My suspicion is that they are attached at different positions on the rhythmic grid.

They are all attached at the same place, i.e. at the beginning of the note. I haven’t done anything else to them, just selected the note, Shift-H, then entered “breathmarktick”

Try attaching them at a caret position that is between the two notes.

Changing the rhythmic grid first?

Yes, if needed.

For this sort of thing, I really like Duplicate to Staff Below, which you might assign to Cmd-Shift-M. Do the top one, then duplicate it. It’ll be guaranteed to be at the same position.

Except it didn’t! I tried it as you suggested and it put it just as in my attachment

Odd. Can you post the file here?

In this case, I suspect, that Dorico tries to avoid the sharp sign. Try to delete the sharp and see, if the breathmark moves to the right.

That was it! Thanks.

So does that mean that the only solution to make it look right is to fix it in Engrave mode?