Pausing/freezing on certain actions Cubase 10.5

Hi there - I’m on a Mac Pro 2013/Catalina with Cubase 10.5 (10.5.20) and I have suddenly noticed some pauses/delays that happen a lot as I perform certain Cubase functions.

Most notably - Cmd-Click to centre panner in the inspector, Cmd or Alt with left/right arrows to extend or reduce the length of a selected audio region. After doing these actions (most of the time) I get a 3sec delay, where the project keeps playing back unaffected but all other actions are suspended until after that 3 seconds and then they will all rapidly perform themselves… i.e. I select an audio track in the project window, cmd click the Pan in Inspector to centre and push ‘down’ twice on the on the keyboard… the pan will be centred immediately but then nothing will happen for three seconds and then the track selection will quickly move down twice.

After the initial delay the function will then work normally until another region is selected… e.g. 2x audio tracks with a region on each. Select one region, Alt/right and there will be a 3sec delay and then the start of that region will be resized as expected, after which you can resize to your heart’s content. Select the other region - same issue again.
This behaviour is the same with both Audio and midi regions.

During the 3secs the play line will keep smoothly playing and the meters are displaying smoothly. It’s weird… not a buggy glitchy thing - but like an actual delay after the action to recover!

I’ve also noticed this happen while doing a couple of other things - I think it’s happened when I’ve crossfaded audio… Cmd/down to move a track up or down vertically etc. This issue seems to have appeared from nowhere - I can’t think of anything I’ve installed and have replicated the problem with just Cubase running… also have tried starting in Safe mode with the preferences disabled and an Empty project.

I’d be grateful for any advice - it’s a weird one. It’s with mentioning that I started a brand new system drive a couple of months ago with a fresh install of everything.

Many thanks

Just to follow up on this in hope that someone might help. The above only happens when I click directly on a region - if I rubberband select the region there is no pause/delay.

Can anyone replicate the issue? Cmd-click on the pan in the inspector to make it ‘C’ and push down on your keyboard - does it move down to the next track straight away?

Many thanks!