Pay now and activate later

Dear Matthias,

This situation has become ridiculous. It has now been almost 24 hours and it is still not possible to activate this Cubase update. I got up this morning and said to myself: “Well, Matthias asked us to be patient given the high volume of activation requests. The server cannot meet the demand … ”.

24 hours later it still cannot meet the demand and I have a new message: “No license can be selected for an upgrade”. Wow! Does this mean that the Download Access Code and the associated Cubase Update Activation Code are now obsolete and that I will need to make arrangements with Steinberg Customer Service to get a new product access code that I couldn’t even use once.

My dear friend Matthias, I am a very patient person, but when the going gets ridiculous, patience ends up wearing off.

I don’t question the quality of the product, however I question your ability to handle the situation. Steinberg should anticipate this kind of situation when updating such a popular product and put the measures in place to satisfy customers.

Currently, the situation is exceedingly annoying and unpleasant for the customer, and it should be embarrassing for the company.


Same here! Still cannot activate my license. Even worse, now I get messages saying that my license code is already used and some times the message that It can’t connect to the servers…
VERY Annoying!

Hi Rlebla,

I very much agree with your posting. Thank you for putting the complaint into such words!

As for your current problem “no license can be selected for an upgrade” … I had that, too - but I found by running the eLicenser just alone that the Cubase 11 license was already there and worked already. Maybe this works for you as well. All the best.


Situation is not changed today. Why don’t they run for cover this need in time? Really incredible and embarrassing. However, they took the money immediately.

Hi Ernst,

I also tried activating Cubase with a fresh install of eLicenser and the Cubase activation code appearing in the Steinberg installer window after inserting the Download Access Code. Unfortunately, it still doesn’t work. I sent an email to, but still have no response.

That being said, I’m not angry, just hugely disappointed with how Steinberg implemented this update and the support that should normally follow. It is only a question of respect for its customers. Steinberg’s foresight was seriously lacking and it looks set to be still long.


Surely a statement is needed from Steinberg as to what is, or in my case, isn’t happening?

Download faster, more convenient and more reliably using the Steinberg Download Assistant.

What a laugh!!

No joy here after trying at various times all morning Nov 12. The most annoying thing is the amount of time it is taking and the fact I cant try doing it in the background as eLicenser prevents the update without closing Cubase.

Not to pile on but…same problem as all. I AM NOT touching the computer until this activation goes thru. If I lose what I have up, I have NO CLUE how to get it back… I finally have the Activation Code but its the same messages that MY SETTINGS are wrong or their server is not available.

But the disclaimer: BE PATIENT…IT TAKES SEVERAL MINUTES…I just didn’t know it was going to be more than 21600 minutes

Since I had also to struggle with the activcation and felt not respected by Steinberg I feel like it is time for a letter to the leadership board.
Since this forum is even not labled as an official support channel, such a letter with a hundered or even more signatures may get more attention.
In other situations with other companies I know it had an effect and caused at least some reactions from the company.

I’d sign such a letter directly…

Regards :sunglasses:

Yeah, finally. Where is my voucher? :wink:

Guys, I see that they have at least some solution to the problem with the eLicense servers down time but now I’m experiencing another issue… I’m trying to upgrade to Cubase 11 but the eLicense keeps on returning the same error message:

The activation code has been used already. An activation code can be used only once to download or upgrade a license.
Please contact your vendor in order to get a valid activation code.

And this is happening despite the fact that in my account the Activation status is Not yet activated

I was trying to find some related articles or email addresses where I can get some help but unfortunately that endeavor of mine was also unsuccessful. :neutral_face:

Could someone help me with this one? I guess this is happening because I was trying to upgrade yesterday and somehow something messed up… :cry:

This gets even more ridiculous.
What I am reading:

“Hello we are Steinberg.
We sold so many licenses in the first hours, it does not hurt us at all to interrupt the sale a bit.
We will now continue to do exactly absolutely nothing to improve the situation, we will just wait till you morons are through the activation process. So go zoinc yourself, and see you next week.”

Thank you Steinberg - I was suspecting you will do absolutely nothing about it.

I woke up this morning with the same frustration, thinking that enough time had passed that it had to be working now.

Nope, even lost my 10.5 license temporarily.

Finally everything went through after many, many tries.

This was a big FAIL on Steinberg. WOW.

It’s a weird statement indeed. I mean poop happens, it’s ok, but the statement doen’t claim they are working with a solution to fix this issue ASAP and so that it won’t happen again. They’re just stop selling the product until further notice…never heard of anything like this in the software world.

I think the statement is sound. They admit their own problems with the licensing system (rumor is that they are working on a new system) and they have stopped new sales so as to prioritize people who have already purchased new licenses. Seems like a good move to me.

With that said, I was having the same issues yesterday morning. Came home late last night and ran the recover function on E-Licenser and I was in.

I agree with you dylanmixer

I accept President Andreas’ explanations and apologies. However, this is unfortunate for consumers who are impatient to access the new version, but who will have to wait. For my part, I was able to activate this update. With the advice given by, I simply applied the following procedure:

"Please launch the elicenser control center and try in the actions menu the recover option in cases where a partial download was interrupted. If the activation code is required in the eLicenser Control Center, please note that you should find it in your MySteinberg account. You may need to try this repeatedly until you can make a connection to the server. ".

It didn’t work the first time, I even thought it didn’t work at all. I went to my Steinberg My Product account and saw Cubase Pro 11 Product activated on 11/12/2020.

Cubase Pro 11 is now functional.

Despite everything, we must prevent this kind of situation, if it was necessary to change the activation system, why not, if it avoids these inconveniences and makes the customer happy and satisfied. I love this software and will be there for the next annual update. I just wish this problem didn’t happen again.

Cubase forever!