Pay per incident "live" phone technical support

I use Sonar X3 and Cubase 8 PRO and would like to have a “pay per incident” phone support available from Steinberg for Cubase. I can get phone support from Cakewalk Sonar usually in just minutes (for free). Whenever I have a technical issue (not an operational issue) with Cubase, it usually takes 2-3 days to get an email response and then it goes on back and forth by email until the problem is resolved (can be several more days) or the tech person realizes that he will have to call anyway. This is soooooooo frustrating! Cubase has now called their latest version Cubase “Pro”, but it seems like a marketing ploy to me. If they were really Pro, then they would offer “Pro” technical support like ProTools or semi-pro support like Sonar. I know tech support is labor intensive and expensive, but I would gladly pay for a “per incident” or even a monthly fee like ProTools offers. I love Cubase for a lot of reasons, but I am on the fence to continue with it with such a pathetic support program they offer. How in the world does a “Pro” 6 figure + recording studio justify using Cubase when they will be out of business for at least 2 or more days when they have a technical issue that they cannot resolve themselves? If Steinberg can make money by offering a “per incident” phone support or a monthly phone support service contract, why won’t they? When my studio is down because Cubase has crashed and I can’t get it fixed myself, then Steinberg Cubase should be able to be reached by phone THAT SAME DAY, as everyday I’m down I lose hundreds of dollars.

Live phone support would be nice but I shouldn’t have to pay for it!
That would be a really good scam - sell your users a software you know is buggy, and then expect them to pay on top to have the bugs fixed :wink:
If of course you could somehow control that when an issue is the result of a bug in the software, then you wouldn’t have to pay, that might be acceptable. Can one control this? These services are usually provided by automatic pay / minute telephone numbers.

I might point out that this flys directly in the face of those who point out that we the users are basically doing all the beta testing and shouldn’t have to pay the company in order to report our findings. (Some say we should actually be paid).

Hi Milton,

Where do you live?

You can get phone support for Cubase etc here

I didn’t realize this until recently either & someone pointed it out to me.

It doesn’t cover all countries but you obviously speak good English etc.

Hope this helps, Codsworth