Payed for C6.5 - where is my download???

Wow - just ordered the update and made my payment. Received a confirmation email. But there is no link to the 6.5 updater.

How do I get the update?

the link should be right at the bottom of your email ?

You dont get downloads for 6.5 upgrade its all boxed now and asknet are the worst customer service they wont email it you. Whatever you put in as billing address it’ll be posted to as box/disc.

mike it is only avalible as a download and yes the link should of been at the bottom of your email

The download is available right after the payment confirmation, this with your activation key. The download page lets you choose between Mac/OSX and Windows/PC : on the latter case it is named Cubase_6.5_Update_Win.exe and there is about 740 Mb of data.

If you didn’t see the ‘Download’ button after payment, something went wrong. Check your e-mail account to retrueve at least your key activation and reconnect to MySteinberg : there should be a link to download C6.5 again.