Paying for an Upgrade from Elements to Artist


I was wondering if one can upgrade from Elements to Artist, paying the price difference, of course.


Yes, of course. (And the upgrade price is about the same as the difference in price between the full versions).

Just go to the Cubase page:
Then press the red BUY-button, choose Artist, and then goto the Upgrades tab and choose the correct upgrade option.

You should know that new major versions are usually released in November, so if you’re not in a hurry, you could wait for that before upgrading (or just wait with the activation)…

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Hold on a bit. Like Starsprinkler said, a new (“updated”) version should show up soon.
And from my experience. I would wait for a Black Friday or some other price drop and upgrade to Pro.
Trust me, Artist version doesn’t give that much in terms of functions or usability. There are only a handful of plugins and sounds, other than that is just Elements. Pro is a way better upgrade and unlocks a lot of workflow improvements.

I’m a scientist, so I love nice concisely organized data! Here’s the comparison page with a nice chart of the different features of the different versions of Cubase that is very helpful in making an upgrade decision.

It depends on what Ismael_Silva needs. The synths and instruments that come with Pro aren’t very “pro”. I’ve only had Cubase Pro for a few days and I’ve realised that I need a lot better plugins. No FM synthesizer. Very poor quality pianos. (and I dread what I’ll find when I check out the other instruments in Halion SE) And even though Pro is the top-of-the-line Cubase product it doesn’t come with their top-of-the-line version of Halion, but instead just an introductory one. So, depending on his needs he might be better off buying Artist and applying the money he saves to better VSTs.

I came over from Pro Tools and then Reaper and have been using Elements for a year and I feel that it has more than enough for what I do especially after they gave us the ability to side chain in v11. I program all my own instruments via MIDI and mainly compose guitar-heavy instrumentals as well as doing Sci-Fi type sound design projects. It’s great for this and I don’t feel compelled to get Artist when I look at the features side by side.

Thank you guys for the replies.

My question was meant for the hypothetical case that I would find myself in need for more advanced features offered in the Artist version. At the moment I’m quite happy with Elementals.