Paying problems from Sweden

I’ve tried two different cards, but it stays at the page where I’m supposed to identify myself at the card provider’s but nothing further happens and my bank has not received anything. When trying to send money via the bank, I’m told that Swedish currency is not accepted but after I’m logged in I don’t find the prize for the upgrade from D4 in anything but Swedish. What was the prize i €?
But a few waisted hours will not diminish my interest in D5 <:-)

I had the same problem from Portugal. Ultimately, I just did a bank transfer instead.

I bought D5 from Sweden without any problems.


Ultimately I could make a bank transfer of 99€ yesterday, I hope to get access codes before the week-end.

No access codes yet. I filed a ticket yesterday morning. Tomorrow a week will have passed…

Sorry to hear that, Bengt, but I think opening a ticket is exactly the right thing to do. Let us know if you don’t get a response within a day or so.

Thank you Daniel, they have answered today that the bank transfer might take a up to a week so I hope it will be ok soon.

Got it! Now happy!