Payment problems.

HI. I have downloaded the updater and tried to install. Everything goes well until the visa payment. The payment is refused. I have tried three different cards with two different banks. Any suggestions. The banks say it is a problem at your end.

This is a user forum. You may get a useful response here but this is the start of the bank holiday weekend, so the Dorico staff may be away.

If you’re trying to buy Dorico from the Steinberg online shop, note that all orders are actually handled by a company called AskNet. See

Many thanks for the info. I will try again next week.

I still cannot get steinberg to accept payment. Do you not want my money???

Seriously. Can anyone help.?

Piccolo, in which country are you situated?
There are support telephone numbers.
Can you try to reach them for help?

These are the Asknet/Steinberg customer support telephone numbers:

Customer Service Center Europe: (Mo-Fr: 09:00 - 18:00 CET):

English Hotline: +49 721 96458 8092

Dutch Hotline: +31 203 228 080

French Hotline: +33 177 688 910

German Hotline: +49 721 96458 0

Italian Hotline: +39 068 997 1906

Portuguese Hotline: +49 721 96458 8094

Spanish Hotline: +34 902 044309 (0,087 €/min)

Customer Service Center Americas: (Mo-Fr: 08:00 EST - 18:00 PST)

English Hotline: 415-449-5700 or from outside the USA: 1-415-449-5700

Customer Service Center APAC: (Mo-Fr: 10:00 - 12:00 / 13:00 - 17:30 JST)

Japanese Hotline: +81-50-6860-4947

Chinese Hotline: +81-50-6860-4948

I have twice contacted
Steinberg Online Shop Support by asknet
but they do not respond to my emails and requests for a support ticket.
Very confusing and frustrating.

I am living in Saudi Arabia at the moment but my home is in Cyprus. I don’t think that your physical location should cause any problems.
I have confirmed with my bank that there are no restrictions on my cards so why will steinberg refuse payment?

When I purchased Dorico, I found that asknet was very particular about home address, post code and telephone number etc. You may have already done this, but have you double-checked that the information you entered is exactly the same as the billing information for the card that you are trying to use?

Piccolo, I’m sorry you’re having problems with AskNet. If you would like to forward me your email to them to my email address at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de I can ask our web store manager whether she can look into this issue for you.

Thanks Daniel
I am sending you the information.

Same here, tried to buy the upgrade 3 times… a message saying that I need to wait up to 3 days to get some kind of approval, but nothing else happens. I’ve bought cubase 9.5 and dorico 1 with the same credit card and account so this can not be the problem.

Very frustating indeed. I still have not contacted the customer service, but I will do it in a few days, maybe it was because of summer time?


Sorry to hear that you too have been having problems. Please do get in touch with AskNet support so that they can assist you.