Paysages Oubliés

“Forgotten Landscapes”

This was an interesting piece of music that went in many different directions. It made sense musically, but I thought it might benefit from a few tweaks to your mix. Of course, listening is very subjective, but I listened through headphones and found the beginning section to be too bright. It wasn’t just the absence of bass or bottom, but the idea that it was almost a little abrasive.
As the song went on, a few parts seemed to be almost overdriven or “too hot” volume wise. It was the type of thing I might associate with music from an intentionally distorted guitar, but of course, that wasn’t the instrument I was hearing. That was usually at the end of a musical phrase or section, and you may have intended it to do that. If so, it just comes down to a matter of taste, but if not, you might want to think about that.
Other than this kind of thing, it was a good and interesting project. I was just trying to give you a little food for thought here.

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Thank you John for listening, your comment is very interesting, the middle part were you may have heard overdriven sound or “too hot” may be the synth instruments descending in chromatic or maybe the distorted snares that repeats over almost all the piece.

Cheers :slight_smile: