PC and MAC tags on threads please

Time and time again i come to the forum and see issues and click on the thread and start to read the content and then notice it’s not the OS im using so could the powers that be please take it in consideration to at a Tag for OS’s as this is very very annoying with this format of forum


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The people don’t use it…
The tags are Mac and windows I guess… at least I saw something similar back in the days.

If they made the tags 'issue Pc ’ and ‘issue Mac’ ect then im sure they would be used

How would someone know if it’s specific to Mac or PC when asking for help with an issue, though?

You would need to know the cause to be sure.

Im sure someone like yourself would certainly let people know . im only interested in my Os’s problems and not reading though half a ton of other Os’s faults to find out it’s Mac just bacause the person can’t be arsed to fill their card in . It’s not that complicated but obviously you want to make it so .

I personally wouldn’t, I’m afraid. As I couldn’t confirm without testing across multiple O/S’s first, that’s kinda the point of a community troubleshoot.

I’m afraid, the tags will not change the general situation.


That’s your opinion

Yes… but the tags were already there and nobody was using them.
There is something broken with the tags…I believe.

Maybe @steve can keep an eye on it…?

Two forums back there were separate areas for Mac & PC. It seemed to hinder communication more than it helped. Which is presumably why it disappeared one forum back.

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Hence a tagging system would be a good idea as you can still see the threads but choose to read it or not

Discourse forum tags are configured to appear in certain categories – the mac and windows tags that do exist are specific to VST dev category and a couple hardware categories. I don’t see that changing in the near term.

Ah, ok.
But the possibility to differentiate between the platforms could help a lot.

I feel like a lot of the issues that PC users face are resolved and it causes Apple users an issue. Vice versa. Seems like every time Steinberg tweaks something to fix an issue (which I completely understand and was grateful for), it causes a problem for another operating system. Perhaps they already run this way in the development stages, why not take that to the customer service stage as well.