PC Audio Set up - Cubase Elements 10

hey all.
Recently got Cubase Elements 10 for the PC. Using Windows 10.

I’ve got sound working, however nothing on my PC can effect the volume and I can’t get it to come out the headphone socket either.
The only thing that effects the volume is the main fader on the mix desk window - which I’ve had to turn right now as it’s super loud lol.

I’m using the PC’s onboard Audio (no external card) but the HDMI to the monitor (using the monitor speakers for sound) is connected to my Nvidia graphics card.

I’m wondering if any one can share their set up configuration so I can get it to a) be controlled by the main PC vol and b) to come out the pc headphone socket?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

It might be advisable not to use HDMI audio? You can only control volume on your monitor or the main outs in Cubase. If you want to be able to control the volume from windows it’s better to connect external speakers to the HD speaker outputs.

thanks i’ll try that.

You can do your own SoundCloud to mp3 configuration. Go to control panel and check your audio drivers first!

I would check speaker settings. Make sure they aren’t on HDMI and are set to Speakers.